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Our Commitment to Quality

At Learn More Than Spanish, we are committed to creating the most dynamic learning experience for students wanting to improve their Spanish.

You will learn Spanish quickly and correctly by immersing yourself in a Spanish environment, studying with highly skilled and experienced native Spanish speaking teachers, making friends and acquiring new experiences and memories along the way.

We focus on delivering high quality Spanish courses and cultural experiences through a variety of social activities. At Learn more than Spanish you will enjoy supervised sporting and cultural activities around the city and learn a new culture while practicing Spanish in an alternative and fun environment.

Why Learn Spanish with us?

The School Locations

Learn more than Spanish students have two locations to choose from, one urban, one rural. Whether you enjoy the fast pace of a city or the quiet essence of the countryside, there is always somewhere to go, someone to see, or something to do.Study Spanish in Colombia’s best destinations, Bogota and Salamina.


Bogota is located in central Colombia, about 2600 meters above sea level. With moderate temperatures and almost 8 million people from all parts of Colombia, Bogota is as diverse as the entire country.

Studying Spanish in Bogota is a cultural adventure. Housing more than 60 museums and art galleries, the most important theatre festival in the world, sports events, more than 4500 parks and over 150 national monuments, Bogota is the perfect place to practice your Spanish skills with so much to do.

Food lovers will enjoy the varied cuisine, from typical Colombian dishes to international treats, served in world class restaurants.

The average temperature is 14.0 °C (57 °F) during the course of the day; dry and rainy seasons alternate throughout the year, the driest months are December, January, July and August, the warmest month is March with a peak temperature of 19.7 °C (67.5 °F).


Located less than 8 hours from Bogota, Salamina is known as the “city of light”. Salamina was declared national treasure in 1982 as a city of great cultural significance committed to the preservation of traditional architecture.

In Salamina you will learn Spanish in the quiet country side. This is a coffee growing region so take the time to sample some of the world’s best coffee during your stay. It is an ideal place to relax and enjoy the good food.

Salamina has a population of about 20,000 inhabitants, an area of 40,354 hectares and an average temperature of 22°C, it is the perfect place to study Spanish in a relaxed and beautiful atmosphere.

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