Your new home in Colombia will be an important part of your Spanish study experience.
At Learn more than Spanish we want to make sure all of our students can find opportunities for practicing Spanish while having a safe and comfortable stay in.

Accommodation in Bogota, Colombia

In Bogota you will stay at our newly renovated Boutique apartments conveniently located across the street from the school, making it easy for you to attend classes without having to rely on transportation. Just step out the door and you are there!

Boutique apartments are ideal for your time in Bogota. For more information visit Bogota Design Aparments

Our installations are equipped with:

  • Business Center
  • Cable TV
  • Wi-fi internet connection
  • Unlimited local calls
  • Utilities
  • Cleaning service twice per week. As a promotion for our students we offer one voucher to do your laundry (1 load free)

Each apartment is equipped with:

  • Queen size bed
  • Side chair
  • Illuminated modern bathroom and natural ventilation
  • Equipped with foldable dining table with two seats and kitchen
  • Fridge
  • Microwave
  • Pots and pans
  • LCD 32” TV.