Do you know what is “Pajarear”?

  • An-interesting-activity-to-do-in-Bogota

First of all “Pajarear” like knows to the act of observation of birds in Bogota, seems like that nowadays it has taken great popularity.

Due to processes of environmental education with the community, that environment has been woven to some environmental classrooms.

These places and environmental classrooms are spaces where interpreters local or designated by the district help and generate processes for the learning of the persons in general.


The birds often do their tour in Bogota, of a stationary way doing of spaces.

As the wetland of Cordova one of that it shelters major biodiversity; consequently to accede to these ecosystems often is in a free or freeway.

But this does not guarantee the safety of every person who enters, the spaces that today have an administration, since are good sites for this practice are the Wetland of Cordova and the Wetland of Santa Maria.