Betty La Fea comes to theatre

  • Betty-comes-to-Theatre

Betty maybe is one of the most recognized novels worldwide.

We are accustomed to seeing on TV that the protagonist if she is a girl, is poor, probably very beautiful.
But with some secret talent.
And after arriving the blue prince, who can be the rudest man of a social high class and to change for love.
Or on the other hand the blue prince can be a man with a lot of money but humbly of heart.

The point is that it is always the same plot, only they change the names of the prominent figures and the city.

But what did that Betty one was one so successful, was precisely its protagonist was ugly of birth.
Since she born her appearance was one limit in some cases.
In spite of it, she becomes a woman full of wisdom, with several university degrees.
Furthermore that has obtained good works thanks to all her experience.


Also, it novel counts a history of love, but it is not a love prohibited as any typical novel.
On the contrary, it history initiates with administrative and monetary purposes, besides deception and perfidy.
Until to the co-protagonist the plan turns round because he is who falls in love passionately.

But it is not necessary to forget the end, it was happy and entertaining, the wedding was one of that it is not possible to forget, especially because of the girlfriend had to push the car and with the white garment.

Now the recognized soap opera Betty comes to theatre.
The principal actors in this entertaining history will present a new chapter, that promises to be equal of entertaining to the novel.

So you cannot get lost this unique opportunity to enjoy this entertaining scene in its original language that one was present in Bogota.