Bogota: A sport city

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The capital of Colombia stimulates the sport a lot with different events.
One of them is the “media marathon de Bogotá” (half marathon of Bogota).
That realized last Sunday, July 29th.

Where the athletes of the whole country and even foreign they can take part of this event in hours of the morning.

This event has the category of golden stamp that it grants by the Internation Association of Federations of Athletics. Which does that it is increasingly recognized.

In general, in this event there are 2 different tours, one of them is of 21 kilometres and the another one of 10 kilometres.
The point of beginning and arrival of both tours is the square of the events of the Park Simón Bolívar.


Besides the half marathon of Bogota, this city possesses the most extensive bikeway of Latin América.

Since it possesses 392 kilometres of route destined for the bicycles, overcoming to cities as San Pablo and Buenos Aires.
Equally, Bogota is the second city of Latin América where there are more daily trips in bicycle.

On the other hand, the mayor of the city has worked to promote the sport in more urban places.
In the most of the neighborhoods of Bogota, there have been constructed a lot of public improved parks.
Also fields of football and basketball where they can be used by all the citizens.


Thanks to this and many things more Bogota has started being a city recognized internationally by several interesting factors.

So when you visit this city already you know that you will be able to realize exercise of an easy and comfortable way.