Bogota International Film Festival

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The Festival de Cine de Bogotá (Bogota International Film Festival) is an international festival held in the city of Bogotá, between September and October. It takes places annually since 1984 and specializes in reward new directors and productions.

The festival specializes in reward new international filmmakers in the categories of Argument Film, Documentary Film and Video Documentary about Arts. An award called “Círculo Precolombino” is delivered to the winners. Besides, samples of animation and Digital film are presented out of competition.

Every year the organization invites a country named “Guest of Honour”. The country’s embassy and the Festival team coordinate the festival samples of films, lectures and special events to raise awareness of the culture of the guest country.


The festival was the first to deliver an international award for best director Pedro Almodóvar for his film “Law of Desire”.

The Festival gains audience and recognition every single year in each new version. It is an omissible plan in Bogota at the end of the year. There are hundreds of theatres, halls and lounges available throughout the city to enjoy the best cinema. If you visit Bogota at this time, do not miss it! Here you have some information about it:

How to ask for: Festival de Cine de Bogotá

Where: Different theatres and cinemas of the city

When: Between September and October.