• The-history-of-Boyacas-Battle

First of all, surely you have heard often in Boyacá’s battle when you speak about Colombia. Especially about Bogota.
Even in Colombia there is a holiday thanks to this battle, is on August 7.

It is celebrated this day, because On August 7, 1819 the army of Spain faced against the Creole army in Boyacá’s bridge.

So, the battle was given because the army of Spain was commanded by the general Jose Maria Barreiro, the colonel Sebastián Díaz and the colonel Francisco Jiménez.

And that was possessing an army of 2670 soldiers wanted to get hold of Santa Fe de Bogota.

And the Creole army commanded by Simón Bolívar, Francisco de Paula Santander and shaped by 2.8 50 soldiers it prevented at any expense.


As a result the victory had Simón Bolívar that he takes as an advantage to lodge at Tunja to be able to monitor the steps of his enemy and they realized surprise assault.

The battle finished at 4:00 pm where more than 100 soldiers died, 53 injured men and 1600 soldiers were made prisoners.

Equally, this battle turned into the beginning of the independence of the north of South America, because it was the one that inspire to achieve the victories in Carabobo’s battles in Venezuela, Bargain in Ecuador and Junín Ayacucho in Peru and Bolivia.


Nowadays Boyacá’s bridge where they faced is a tourist very beautiful destination, especially in the Christmas season

This one is the reason because in Colombia August 7 is a holiday.

Even in the city of Bogota there is a neighborhood with this name, stays for 20 minutes from our school is located.