Quebrada “Las Delicias”

In Bogota there are many very known places and simultaneously beautiful to visit. The majority of persons has listened to, speak on Monserrate, the "Plaza de Toros", "La Candelaria", the "Centro historico", botanical garden, among others. Nevertheless, there are more places, which very few persons know, even the people of Bogotá


The “obleas” with "arequipe" are a very of Bogotá tradition In Bogota, the “oblea” with arequipe is a traditional dessert. To learn to make yourself a few delicious "obleas" we are going to give the recipe, only you need a big cup, a spoon, a knife to spread and a special plate

Boyaca’s Battle

First of all, surely you have heard often in Boyacá's battle when you speak about Colombia. Especially about Bogota. Even in Colombia there is a holiday thanks to this battle, is on August 7. It is celebrated this day, because On August 7, 1819 the army of Spain faced against the Creole army in

National Day in Colombia for the dignity of the victims of sexual violence

Lamentably thousand women have been victims of the sexual abuse worldwide. In Colombia, for 50 years of war) more than 6900 women were forced sexually. Slightly credible cases, histories that strike, violent men with retrograde mentalities, it is what one continues seeing in full 21st century. The saddest thing is that about 70 %

Mother’s Day

Does not import the age, sex, color or religion, we all have this person who loves us and she would give her life for us. Some of we still have her to us, side, others are kilometres of her and others already have her in the eternal dream. But she is