Our Students went volunteering in Bogota and it was amazing!

Last week our students had the opportunity to make a long-lasting, positive difference in the lives of some children in Bogota. As part of our cultural activities, they volunteered as English teachers for kids. Hence this time we went to “La Perseverancia” Farmers’ Market and with their help, 17 kids enjoyed

5 Things You Need to Do in Bogota

Imagine a city that offers you beautiful landscapes, vibrant a modern architecture, world-class museums and art galleries and a story to tell. These are the things to do in Bogota that should be at the very top of your list. Go on, get out there!

Learn Spanish in Bogota | What’s on in July?

There is always something to do in Bogota and if you are studying at Learn More Than Spanish Bogota, take a break from your classes and enjoy a concert or even a museum; there’s something on for everyone. Rock al Parque: July 2, 3 and 4 One of the largest and most