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Mother’s Day

Does not import the age, sex, color or religion, we all have this person who loves us and she would give her life for us. Some of we still have her to us, side, others are kilometres of her and others already have her in the eternal dream. But she is

The Greatest Cultural Enrichment In Bogota

Bogota has plenty of possibilities to get a great cultural enrichment. Every day there are 35 - 45 cultural public and private events along the city. Inside and outside events, they go from street theatre, concerts, and workshops to art expositions. Also enjoy free exchanges events at cafes and bars. In

Bogota International Film Festival

The Festival de Cine de Bogotá (Bogota International Film Festival) is an international festival held in the city of Bogotá, between September and October. It takes places annually since 1984 and specializes in reward new directors and productions. The festival specializes in reward new international filmmakers in the categories of Argument

Betty La Fea comes to theatre

Betty maybe is one of the most recognized novels worldwide. We are accustomed to seeing on TV that the protagonist if she is a girl, is poor, probably very beautiful. But with some secret talent. And after arriving the blue prince, who can be the rudest man of a social high class and to change for

Chingaza National Natural Park

First of all if you stay in Bogotá, there are diverse possibilities to get an outside natural experience. Especially relevant one of them is to visit the Chingaza National Natural Park. Which is a natural reserve on the northeast of Bogotá and just a few hours from the city.   This