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Let’s play colombian aguinaldos

During this Christmas time, colombian people have many traditions. Almost enjoy "las novenas", colombians forget the diet, and eat buñuelos and natilla. In addition, colombians have an interesting way of enjoying this christmas time: playing Aguinaldos. Aguinaldos is a group of games, usually played with family, friends, colleagues or with journalist on

5 Things You Need to Do in Bogota

Imagine a city that offers you beautiful landscapes, vibrant a modern architecture, world-class museums and art galleries and a story to tell. These are the things to do in Bogota that should be at the very top of your list. Go on, get out there!

How well do you know the lyrics to “La Bicicleta”? + QUIZ

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh found evidence that singing (listen and repeat singing) can facilitate foreign language learning. And we can add, that listening to music is a fun way, not only to experience the culture, but also to improve your Spanish. This is our favorite song right now: Shakira and