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Bogota: Peace capital city

Nothing represents more clearly a cultural phenomenon than the changing meaning of a word. Since a new meaning of “peace” is being born in Bogotá since February 2nd to 5th in the 16th World Prize Peace Summit. First of all, now a day in Colombia, is happening an amazing

8 of the Most Beautiful Spanish Words -Part I

First of all, Spanish is one of the richest languages with nearly 90,000 words registered in its official dictionary (DRAE). Therefore here we have a list of some words considered particularly beautiful by its speakers: - “Melifluo”: an excessively sweet and delicate sound. - “Inefable”: some as incredible that it is

Nobel Prize in Colombia

Now, when we speak about Colombia, the first related topic that comes to the mind of people is the process of peace. Because in 2016 Colombia won the Nobel peace prize, due to the fact that people, in spite of the big difficulties, they have not lost the hope of a

Let’s play colombian aguinaldos

During this Christmas time, colombian people have many traditions. Almost enjoy "las novenas", colombians forget the diet, and eat buñuelos and natilla. In addition, colombians have an interesting way of enjoying this christmas time: playing Aguinaldos. Aguinaldos is a group of games, usually played with family, friends, colleagues or with journalist on