Central American and Caribbean sport games

In the last days in a beautiful city of Colombia, Barranquilla is celebrating the Central American and Caribbean sport games XXIII. This one is the second time that this event takes this city as a headquarters, the first time was in 1946. This event will be present in the city from

Presidential elections in Colombia

These days when we hear about Colombia, it is normal to think about its current political situation. Since the Colombians, we are are choosing our next president, the next representative of the nation. Last May 27 the Colombians voted in " La primer vuelta " where there were several candidates to choose. Which more

Elton John Your Song Spanish Lyrics by Colombian Juanes

We are very proud of our very own Juanes. He recently won his first Anglo Grammy at the 55th annual Grammy Awards. Juanes brought home the Best Latin Pop Album for his MTV Unplugged Juanes Album , which also won a Latin Grammy for Album of the Year in 2012. Juanes performed his own version