Chingaza National Natural Park

  • An-outside-option-near-Bogota

First of all if you stay in Bogotá, there are diverse possibilities to get an outside natural experience.

Especially relevant one of them is to visit the Chingaza National Natural Park.
Which is a natural reserve on the northeast of Bogotá and just a few hours from the city.


This zone is considered one of the greatest of the high water reserves in the Andes Forests of the Eastern Cordillera.

Therefore as visitor, you get the opportunity to have a contact with nature:
Due to it’s possible you find there deers, the spectacled bear, eagles, the condor, lagoons, river sources, frailejones (native páramo plant) and others.

Maybe there are the most beautiful natural wonders that all converge in the native ecosystem of the park, called “Páramo”.



The Chingaza Park offers perfect activities to rebuild ties.
Most of all with nature and learn about conservation, ecosystem services and biodiversity through not conventional activities.

Due to there, you also have the possibility to enjoy ecotourism activities as Walks, Trekking, Fauna and flora exploration.
In addition Photography and Video and Research and environmental education.

Furthermore you also have the opportunity to stay there, but there is only a zone for this: Monterredondo; Since there, you can find the campground and a hostel.
Because there are 7 camping spaces, each one with a capacity for 6 people, or hostel type rooms with basic mountain lodge.

So there is not excuse to get a connection with nature and to enjoy a not conventional activity very near to the city.
As a result, don’t miss the chance!!!


Finally if you want to get information about what to take into account to visit the park, go to this website: