Colombian Currency

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On having travelled to a foreign country one of the things that you must have more present is how handles the money there.

Their kinds, equivalence and even their different names.

The Colombian currency is named Colombian pesos and divides in coins and bills.

Coins: 50 pesos, 100 pesos, 200 pesos, 500 pesos and 1.000 pesos.

Bills: 2.000 pesos, 5.000 pesos, 10.000 pesos, 50.000 pesos and the new of 100.000 pesos

In these moments Colombia is handling 2 versions of bills.
The national bank gave the news of which there would go out a new version of money.
Since from December 15, 2012 coins and from September 25, 2015 of bills


For example, in the old bill of 50.000 pesos was appearing Jorge Isaacs’s image.
Who is the author of the novel “Maria” who was one of the most well-read novels in Latin America.
But now in the new version is an honoring does Nobel prize of the literature to Gabriel García Márquez, winner of the prize.

Equally it happens to the coins, for example, in the coin of 500 pesos.
In the previous version it was producing honoring to the efforts of Guacarí’s municipality in the Valley of the Cauca to preserve the tree Samán and to remember the importance of the ecology in our country.
Now in the new version there appears a frog of crystal that inhabits in one of the zones of major biological wealth in Colombia.


So, if you think to come to Colombia these days, you do not astonish if you see two bills of 20.000 pesos with different designs.

On the other hand, it is very important to know as the Colombian say for the money. The most used is “peso”, but you must learn what is “1 luka”, “1 barra”, “1 palo” or “quinini”.

These are names that we use the colloquial, 1 luka or 1 barra are equivalent to 1.000 pesos. So if you go shopping pay attention:

2 barras : 2.000 pesos
5 lukas : 5.000 pesos
1 palo :1.000.000 pesos
Quinini: 500 pesos

Though it sounds funny is true and is a topic of a lot of importance that you must know about having come to Colombia!