• Viewing-point-Colpatria-tower

In Bogota there are many beautiful places to visit and that call the attention of local people and foreigners.
One of them is the viewing-point of the Colpatria tower.

In this place you can see the greater part of the city, from the mountains of the south, up to the small lights on the north highway.
Including the airport “El Dorado”, the stadium “El Campin”, and several parks and malls.

Monserrate’s hill is seen nearby, and does that you think that these to a step of coming to the beautiful church.

The same thing happens with the planetarium and the bullring.
They are so nearby that you can see the whole top part and have a few very showy forms.

This viewing-point is one of the points on the most attractive Fridays and Saturdays specially at 6 p.m., because it is the hour where the Sun is starting concealing.


It is like saying, the sky goes out and the city is lit. It is a very beautiful scene of seeing.

The Colpatria tower is located in the neighborhood “La Macarena”, and on 2 of the most important avenues of the city, that are the Career 7 and the Street 26.

Equally, this tower is an icon of the city, thanks to its panels of light.
Whenever some important event happens the lights of the tower show some allusive image for the event.

For example:
When the selection Colombia plays.
The visit of the “Papá Francisco”.
The death of the Mexican actor and director Roberto Gómez Bolaños “Chespirito”.
The accident of the Brazilian team Chapecoense, among others.

So when you visit Bogota you do not forget to go to the Colpatria tower, it is an experience that you must enjoy.