I already know the basic tenses in Spanish, Am I ready to speak properly?

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If you are begining to learn Spanish, we want to congratulate you for speaking this beautiful language: “español” or “castellano”.
Originally, it was called “castellano” because it was the language for Castilla in Spain, but later it eas changed to “español” to identify the country of origin.

A very common situation is that most of students of Spanish that reach A2 level think they could communicate in the most situations, in some ways it could be, but it is not an effective communication.
Let’s see why, according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages. The levels are: A1 Beginner, A2 Waystage, B1 intermediate, B2 Upper intermediate and C1 – C2 advance.


By the end of A2, you know present, past and future tense, but there is more to study in Spanish.
Only when you actually talk or listen to people, you realize that more aspects are missong, but What is next?
Next B1 intermediate level, you continue practicing past tense, object pronouns and subjuntive mode, but what is “subjuntivo”?.
As we could say in Colombia “¿Como se come eso?” (how do you eat with?) when you do not know the meaning of a word.

Subjuntivo is a way to express diferent ideas for example you might heard “¡Ojalá que tengas buen día!” (I wish or have a nice day!) and many other situations but you have notice them.

For this reason, and many others we invite you to continue discovering this beautiful language, and ¡Que tengas un lindo día! y ¡Que tengas buena suerte!