Learning Spanish: A rewarding experience

  • A-rewarding-experience

Are you currently learning Spanish? Congratulations!
It is one of the most beautiful languages in the world, and the second most spoken language after Mandarin.

Is it challenging learning Spanish?
Indeed it is, but which language is not!
However it is a rewarding experience because you are not only learning grammar but cultural aspects from the country.

Why learning Spanish in Colombia?
Human Warmth, hapiness and strenght of colombian people.


Aren’t you feeling confident with your Spanish?Join a class and practice!

What is the key to success in a language to speak properly?
To be tutored be a certified teacher and practice, yes practice your speaking, listening and reading skills.
Therefore the more you practice, the more confident you will feel.

Since it is very common to find in students with good listening skills but no skills in speaking, as we say in Colombia “no decir ni pio”.
Which means when a person can not say anything, that is why every person has his or her own experience with the language, and his or her own learning process is different.
So, little by little! “¬°Poco a poco!

Need an advice? Join class and enjoy the process!