Let’s play “Pirinola”

First of all, this one is one of the most traditional games in Colombia.

The pirinola, also calls pirindola or perinola.

It is a top of hard material, usually wood, which has on its sides different phrases; it is turned and when it stops leaves a face with an instruction that is in use for playing.

Furthermore the countries that play the pirinola like Colombia are: Chile, Argentina and Mexico.

Description of the game

In each of six slides of the pirinola there is a simple instruction: Takes one, Takes two, Takes everything, Put one, Put two and Put All.

It is possible to play with cards, coins or anything that could be exchanged.

Due to, they all must begin with the same quantity of cards or coins and it is necessary to to decide initially all those each one is going to put in the center.

A circle is formed about the pirinola, the players decide the one who is the first one in turning it.

On having done it, he is expected to see in what slide falls down and according to that it says, is what is done.

Hence, in case the quantity to take is quite, the heap returns to form like in the beginning of the game.

Mos of alll, the players who remain without cards cannot continue playing; ultimately there wins, the player who remains with all the cards or, in case this does not happen and the game should finish, the player will win with more cards.