Love and Friendship Day in Colombia

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In Colombia we celebrate the day of the love and the friendship in September.
As its name indicates it in these dates beside being in couple also we share with friends.
We celebrate together with all these important persons of our life.

It is an important epoch for the Colombian merchants, because it is common to give chocolates, sweets, flowers and small details to make some important person happy.

Thanks to this celebration the trade increases, especially in the restaurants, bars and malls

In general the celebration is the third Saturday of the month, but we feast during the month, where we are useful to play ” Secret friend “.


This one is a traditional game of these dates where a group of friends or of the work meets to deposit their names in a container, later each one chooses a name at random without they know the others which is.
And they must give to the person of the paper ” the secret friend ” sweet or small details during the whole month furtively.

Later in September the group realized a small celebration where they reveal the one who is the secret friend of each one.

The celebration of love and friendship of the Colombians is very similar to the San Valentine’s day that is recognized throughout the world and is celebrated On February 14.

It was chosen this day to commemorate the death of the priest San Valentín who was defending the love even in the worst situations.

So if you know as forms and traditions for this celebration share them with us!