• Happy-Mothers-day

Does not import the age, sex, color or religion, we all have this person who loves us and she would give her life for us. Some of we still have her to us, side, others are kilometres of her and others already have her in the eternal dream.

But she is the person in whom we can get her pure and sincere love for the whole

In Colombia the second Sunday of May is the special day them to remember to the mommy’s everything what we feel for them, to honour them and to make them feel as queens.


The most common thing is to lead them to having lunch what they want, to give them a detail with very much love and them to take pleasure in the caprices that they wish.

For the rest of the year, they are arranged for everything

They manage housewives fulfill to the perfection the profession of nurses, teachers, chefs, mechanics, psychologists, and others. Without leaving of side the amusement and the responsibility.

If you want a good example, you should look at YouTube ” the most difficult work of the world ” and sides everything what they do for us. Without leaving of side the amusement and the responsibility.

So, run and say to your mom that you love her and these been grateful to her for everything.