National Day in Colombia for the dignity of the victims of sexual violence

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Lamentably thousand women have been victims of the sexual abuse worldwide. In Colombia, for 50 years of war) more than 6900 women were forced sexually.

Slightly credible cases, histories that strike, violent men with retrograde mentalities, it is what one continues seeing in full 21st century. The saddest thing is that about 70 % of cases is not denounced for which they stay in the shades.

But today the history has changed, because on May 25 it was decreed as the national day by the dignity of the victims of sexual violence, thanks to the Decree 1480, which demonstrates the initiative of the Colombian journalist Jineth Bedoya.

This woman is the representative of this movement, since her fight has as aim that the victims are capable of denouncing, all that initiates because 16 years ago, she was kidnapped, tortured and violated for paramilitary of the Block Centaurs of the (AUC) (Auto defensas unidas de Colombia)


Due to this lamentable event, the journalist started leading the campaign “No es hora de callar” (it is not a time to be quiet) in order that all the women break their silence and denounce their persons who takes unfair advantage.

Colombia is in the fight for finishing with all kinds of violence, because of it today honors are realized to all the victims in different points of the country.

Honors like concerts, conferences, chats, exhibitions and others.

If you want to know a bit more, search for #NoEsHoraDeCallar and it sees the news in its original language.