• Desert-Obleas

The “obleas” with “arequipe” are a very of Bogotá tradition

In Bogota, the “oblea” with arequipe is a traditional dessert.

To learn to make yourself a few delicious “obleas” we are going to give the recipe, only you need a big cup, a spoon, a knife to spread and a special plate for the leaves of the “oblea”:

Water (1/2 liter)
Flour of wheat (250 gr)
Sugar (1 spoonful)
Starch of yucca (1/2 spoonful)
Bicarbonate (1 pinch)
Vegetable oil (1 spoonful)
Sweet of grape
Grated cheese



1)To spill ½ liter of water in a big cup.
2) To add the spoonful of sugar
3) To add the spoonful of vegetable(plant) oil
4) To add the pinch of bicarbonate
5) To add the half spoonful of starch of yucca
6) Mix everything up to having a consistent mixture
7) To add the flour of wheat
8) Stir to having a consistent mixture
9) To put a spoonful of the mixture in the plate and to hope that it gilds (remember 1 spoonful = 1 leaf)
10) When you have all the ready leaves of “oblea” and you place them in a big plate
11) Add, arequipe, sweet of grape and cheese grated to the taste
12) Ready to enjoy

When you visit Bogota, sides several places of wafers in the majority of our streets.

Even to half a stable of our school you were finding a place of delicious “obleas”.