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These days Colombia is very happy for that the Pope Francisco was visiting the country.

The celebration of the Colombians owes to diverse factors, first that 31 years ago a Pope was not visiting the country.
The first visits it made with the Pope Pablo VI in 1968 and later the Pope Juan Pablo ll in 1986
Equally the Pope Francisco is the first Pope of American origin and the first one that is not native of Europe, Middle East or the north of Africa.

In addition, his visit to the country coincides with the time of reconciliation that Colombia is living thanks to the process of peace of the president Juan Manuel Santos
For it, it is opportune that all the messages that give themselves of this special visit have the slogan “Demos el primer paso” (Give the first step).


He will visit 4 cities of the country, which were carefully selected

Bogota: For being the capital of the country and for being a cardinal headquarters
Villavicencio: For being the principal city of a region very affected by the armed conflict and of great ecological value
Medellin: For being the city with major presence eclesialof the country
Cartagena: Because there, there is San’s Pedro remains Claver, in the history of slavery and for the strong presence of afrocolombianos.


The programming of the Pope Francisco in Colombia:

September 7 – Bogota

9:00 am – The First greeting to the Colombians in the square of Weapon of Nariño’s house
9:30 am – Meeting with the president Juan Manuel Santos and I find with the bishops in the Cardinal palace
4:30 pm – Celebration of a Eucharist in the park Simón Bolívar

September 8 – Villavicencio

9:00 am – Celebration of the holy mass for 400.000 persons
4:00 pm – Great Meeting of Prayer for the National Reconciliation in the park The Malocas
5:20 pm – Sight to the monument ” Cross of the reconciliation ” in the park of the founders

September 9 – Medellin

10:00 am – Eucharist in the airport Olaya Herrera
3:00 pm – Meeting with the community that resides in the ” Home San Jose ”

September 10 – Cartagena

10:00 am – Prayer  of the angels in San’s Pedro sanctuary of Claver
4:30 pm – Mass of closing in Contecar

And this way the Pope concludes the visit to Colombia.