Quebrada “Las Delicias”

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In Bogota there are many very known places and simultaneously beautiful to visit.

The majority of persons has listened to, speak on Monserrate, the “Plaza de Toros”, “La Candelaria”, the “Centro historico”, botanical garden, among others.

Nevertheless, there are more places, which very few persons know, even the people of Bogotá do not know of its existence.


One of these places is the beautiful and Little waterfall “Las Delicias”

It is a point plunged between the mountains, where you can coexist with the nature while you estimate its beauty.

It is very easy to come, the entry is for the Calle 63 above the Avenida Circunvalar.

It is advisable to go with a guide always.


In LMTS we offer inside our free cultural and social activities, the visit to this place.

All our students have remained enchanted, even some they take a bath in the waterfall.

The fascination of this place, it is that the water is drinkable, and the sight that you have of Bogota while you raise the mountain is unforgettable.

Come to Bogota to learn Spanish and while you do it, you can enjoy with LMTS this beautiful city