Things to take into account when finding a place in Bogotá

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If you stay in Bogotá, one of the challenges you will face is to arrive at a place throughout the city just with the address.

First of all you have to take into account is that in Bogotá, streets and avenues are named and organized by numbers and letters.

Some of the well-known streets are best recognized by a particular name, as “NQS avenue”, or “Jiménez avenue”, or “El Dorado avenue”.

But the majority of streets and patterns are numbers and letters combined.


– Bogotá, as a metropolitan city, is huge, and its growth has been not exactly planned.
So addresses have been to be changed many times; due to this, you will find some places with two addresses marked:
“the old address” and “the new address”.
Therefore you will have to take into account this because you can sometimes have any of them, old or new.
And it will be easy you get lost just for not to know that this/those address/es apply to the same place.


– Besides, take into account if the address includes “Sur”, “Este”, “Oeste”, because those details point the exact city zone of the place.
There are equal or very similar zone names throughout the city, as well as names of the neighbourhoods.
So it will be easy to go to the wrong place if you don’t have or check the exactly address.


– Big zones called “Localidades” divide Bogotá, and those zones are divided in neighbourhoods, so it will be very functional to ask for the “Localidad” where the place you are looking for is located.


– In addition shopping centres are an excellent key to get located throughout the city, and some of them are named as the zone where they are located.
For example “Unicentro Occidente” (Northwest of the city zone), “Portal 80” (the Northeast best-known city zone), “Centro Comercial Tunal” (Tunal South zone), among others.


– No doubt, people most of times are very kind, attentive and helpful with locals and foreigners when finding a place.

Therefore is very effective to ask to street sellers or to shop sellers, because they are most of times the best knowers of the zone.


If you want extra help, there are some apps that will help you. Therefore here you have some:


Googlemaps (app)

Waze (app)

Foursquare (app)

TransmiSitp (app specialized in public transport)

Gurú (app specialized in finding specific public zones as shops, restaurants, etc.)