Time to live the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018

  • World-Cup-Russia-2018

The season comes where the importance of the work, go shopping, the traffic, the clothes, and other topics go on to the backgorund.

For that for the next month the world lives through the soccer. FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 starts.

32 countries will be supporting their teams with the heart, will be dependent on all the games to be able to enjoy the victories and think over the losses.

In this world cup there are several selections that they were not attending the world cup per along time.

As Peru that was going 36 years without being present at the biggest event of soccer. Or Panama that is the first time that takes part in the world cup.

On the other hand, we surprised some countries when they did not remain classified to world cup Russia 2018, as Holland, Italy and Chile.


And if we speak about Colombia, we are very excited because our player Falcao ” The Tiger ” will be present this year.
Unfortunately for the world cup Brazil 2014, our player could not represent for an injury to the ligaments.

The most of the people will remain in our houses, resting to our selections across the television, but with a great happiness.
While other persons will have the opportunity to travel to Russia and to observe the live matches.

The most exciting thing about travelling, besides the soccer, is that they will have to learn coexist like in a foreign country.
Things like their customs, habits and the most important thing to learn some expressions in Russian.

The last thing apparently must be the most entertaining thing, because when you learn something new, it was accompanying you forever.

So, after you’ll go to Russia you can come to Colombia and learn Spanish to live anothe unforgettable experience!