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When you arrive in Colombia you will normally be given a tourist visa for 60 days. You can however extend this visa twice giving you a total of 180 days, at which time you need to leave the country.
No problem at all. We do ask that you complete the week if you have started it. If you are changing to a program with a different price it is also no problem to use any money you may have already paid and then make up the difference.
You will receive an email straight away confirming your details and one of our staff will contact you in two or three days to see if you have any more questions and take you through the remaining booking process.
Not at all. Our beginning level classes are designed for students with little or no Spanish at all. We understand it can be a bit daunting arriving in a Spanish speaking country without any of the language. For this reason we can conduct all communication before you arrive in English and we also offer our Greeting services.
Sure they can, we welcome people from every country on earth, and we do not discriminate based on age, religion, sexual orientation, skin color or any other characteristic.

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