We all know that music is an excellent way to learn Spanish. One of the things you can do to both enjoy yourself and learn at the same time, specially the Spanish language, is to listen to music.

First, find music you really enjoy, try listening the songs as much as you can and finally try to understand the lyrics, this will help you to learn grammar, vocabulary and accent.

A lyric video is a video which features words on screen while a song plays. It is not a new concept, but what makes it appealing and interesting is its creativity.

Here is a list of good videos we have for you.

1. Fonseca – Desde Que No Estás

2. Andrés Cepeda – Un Ratito

3.We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Spanish Version) – Cover by Kevin Karla & LaBanda

4. Algo Me Gusta De Ti (Lyric Video) – Wisin & Yandel

Known affectionately as Gabo, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, is considered one of the most significant authors of the 20th century. Novelist, short-story writer, screenwriter and journalist, Gabo was born in Aracata, Colombia on March 6, 1927.

García Márquez drew international attention for his novel “Cien años de soledad” (1967), which was later translated as One Hundred Years of Solitude

The Nobel Prize in Literature 1982 was awarded to Gabriel García Márquez for his novels and short stories and his very particular literary style labeled as magic realism.

In celebration of Gabo’s 86 years and the ones left to come, here is one of his most beautiful quotes.

No hay medicina que cure lo que no cura la felicidad

Continuing with our list of Colombian sayings we have a very particular one: “Más sabe el diablo por viejo que por diablo”.

A rough translation will be “Knows more the devil because he is old than because he is the devil” and it means the older you are, the wiser you get or wisdom comes with age.

What do you think? Does wisdom come with age?

Sometimes our students ask us about the difference between the Spanish spoken in Spain and the one spoken in Colombia or Latin America

The first difference between Latin American Spanish and the Spanish of Spain is the pronunciation of a few letters.

In Latin America the soft “c” and the “z” are pronounced with an “s” sound while in Spain they are pronounced more like a “th” sound.

There are also some differences when using some expressions, but in general, we can understand each other; it’s like the differences between British English and American English.

To illustrate this we have 2 clips from the same movie, our beloved Shrek, can you tell the difference?

Shrek 4 Trailer for Latin America

Shrek 4 Trailer for Spain