3 Ways to Practice Spanish this Weekend

3 Ways to Practice Spanish this Weekend

Looking for something to do in Bogota this coming weekend? What about practice a little, or a lot Spanish?

Remember, learning Spanish doesn’t stop when you step outside the classroom.

Here are our 3 top tips to help you get started practicing Spanish in your free time.

1. Keep calm and READ a book

If you want to Learn Spanish in Colombia quickly, make a habit of reading regularly!

Read as many Spanish books, newspapers, and magazines as you can get your hands on, the more you read, the more input your brain gets about how the language works.

2. When the words fail, MUSIC speaks

Demonstrated by science, music helps second language learners acquire grammar, vocabulary and improve spelling.

Choose a catchy song from lyricstraining.com, let’s say… “Mark Antony’s Vivir mi vida Karaoke” practice listening for detail, write down some vocabulary and maybe dance.

3. Binge-watch, yes, please!


Yes, we all have heard the news, binge-watching is bad, but burying yourself in blankets and watch a Spanish TV show or why not, a soap opera, just to improve your Spanish, doesn’t sound too bad, right?

Here is a youtube.com list of one of my favorite soap operas “Betty la Fea”, enjoy!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these tips, we are pretty sure there are plenty more, please let us know yours in the comments!