4 Trends About Bogotá Spanish Classes That You Need To Know

4 Trends About Bogotá Spanish Classes That You Need To Know

From university courses to private tutoring to chatting up the local next to you in the bar, there are many different great ways to learn Spanish while visiting or living in Bogotá, Colombia.

With the explosive growth in tourism in Colombia in the last decade, as well as the development of new teaching tools over the internet and mobile devices, here are four important trends we have seen here in Bogotá in the Spanish Language learning landscape:

1. Greater Cultural Enrichment.

Salsa lessons in Spanish. Windsurfing in Spanish. Cooking in Spanish. Guitar lessons in Spanish. These are just a few of many different options that are now available to enrich the learning experiences of Spanish language students in Bogotá. These new types of classes get students out of the classroom so that they can interact with locals to improve their speaking and listening skills. And of course, provides practice with vocabulary that is inherently more applicable to your interests.

2. Online Tutoring.

If you find a great tutor, why stop your classes with them when you move? With Skype and other online tools, it is now easier than ever to continue conversational lessons while you are on the move. And with tools like Duolingo and Babbel, there are now even more options than ever for guided self study.

3. Voluntourism Classes.

With it’s 50 year history of conflict in the country, Colombia offers numerous opportunities to get in touch with vulnerable communities at the time you´re practising your Spanish, helping and learning in real context.

4. Business Spanish Classes.

If your interests are on professional growth, language centres take this into account to offer, short, long, specialized, skill focus, individual or group classes, all these in response of students’ needs and intentions, with technical Spanish books and material.