Botero Museum, Artist’s own legacy

The Botero Museum showcases the artwork of renowned Colombian artist, Fernando Botero. Donated by the artist himself, the museum displays 208 pieces, 123 of his own and 85 by international artists.

The museum is located in the La Candelaria, the historic neighborhood in downtown Bogota, in a colonial house, restored under the guidance and curatorship of the master artist himself.
The collection is available at no charge to the public. During the opening of the Botero Museum, the artist said:

“It is for me an infinite pleasure to know that these works of art belong to Colombia today; to know that the students that come into this building will be in touch with the most significant artistic pieces of our times, being able to contemplate, on a permanent basis, original artwork made by great masters; and to know that lovers of painting and sculpture can come visit this haven of peace and stroll quietly through the halls, allowing themselves to be enveloped by modern aesthetics.”

Some activities offered are guided tours, lectures, conferences, and workshops for children and teachers

More about its collection here

The The Botero museum is also part of the Google Art project, you can check it here

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