Colombia, a Megadiverse Country

What is a Megadiversity Country?

In general, is a term used to refer to the world’s top biodiversity-rich countries in the world.

Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, United States, Madagascar, Indonesia, Philippines and Australia are some of the seventeen nations that have been called Megadiversity Countries.

But why is Colombia a Megadiverse country?

Here are some reasons:

  • Colombia is the most diverse country in the world in relation to birds (1,801 species) and orchids
  • Colombia is the world’s second most diverse country in plant diversity (close to 41,000 species), amphibians (763 species), freshwater fish (1,435 species) and butterflies (763 and 3,273 species respectively)
  • Colombia is the third most diverse country in reptiles (506 species) and palms.
  • Colombia is the fourth most diverse country in mammal diversity (479 species).

Source: Instituto Humboldt Colombia