Colombian Vallenato, a music style you are going to love

From Colombia’s Caribbean region comes the “Vallenato”, a traditional music style that is enjoyed in almost every part of the country and played in almost every celebration.

Traditionally, three instruments make up a Vallenato band, one from Africa, another from the indigenous, and the last one from Europe, a mix of cultures, races, and sounds that just make this music unique.

The “Caja Vallenata”, a small drum held between the knees and played with bare hands. It was used by the African slaves brought by the Europeans.

The “Guacharaca”, a wooden, ribbed stick similar to a sugar cane, accompanied by a fork that when rubbed together emits a scraping sound, originally used by Colombian indigenous.

And the accordion of German origin usually modified just for the Vallenatos.

Every year, during the month of April, we celebrate the Vallenato Festival in Valledupar, Cesar, where the Vallenato comes from. For five days, the city just breath, dance and enjoy Vallenatos in a colorful display of parades, shows and musical contests. There is a King of the Festival, the best interpreter of accordion, caja vallenata and guacharaca, as well as “piqueria” (battle of lyrics) and best song winners.

Here are some classic Vallenatos for you to enjoy!!! Also, take a look at our post about Vallenatos and pop fusion.

The Vallenato Festival

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