Spanish for Business: Vocabulary and effective ways to learn

Spanish for Business: Vocabulary and effective ways to learn

Spanish will always be a valuable language to learn, whether for traveling, meeting new people, or doing business -or working- in any Spanish-speaking country.

Are you planning to start doing business in Colombia? or are you planning to move to Colombia for work?

Does your current job require you to speak with suppliers or customers from Colombia or any Spanish-speaking country?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, this article will be helpful!

Even if this isn’t the case for you, you never know when knowing Spanish will come in handy.

Also, remember Spanish is gaining a lot of popularity; thus, knowing the language might increase your professional career options and might also help boost your salary.

Top business phrases to learn in Spanish

Today we will learn some words and phrases in Spanish frequently used when doing business or working.


If you are arriving at the office or at a meeting, you can use:

  • Hola
  • Buenos días/tardes
    Good morning/Afternoon

In case you are writing an email, you can also use a more formal greeting:

  • Estimado/a (nombre),
    Dear (name)

To use this one, you must add the name of the person and adjust it accordingly if it refers to a woman or a man, or a group of people (plural)

  • Estimado Pablo,
  • Estimada María.
  • Estimado Sr. Rodríguez
  • Estimada Sra. Villarreal
  • Estimados Colegas

Another useful vocabulary for Emails


Espero se encuentre muy bienI hope you are well
Saludos cordiales/Cordial saludoKind regards
No dude en contactarmeDon’t hesitate to contact me
Espero escuchar de usted prontoI look forward to hearing from you soon
Quedo atento/a a su respuestaI look forward to your response
Adjunto envíoFind attached
¿Me podría reenviar el correo electrónico?Could you forward me the email?

Discussing Business Topics


Me gustaría presentar el proyectoI would like to present the project
Tienes la palabraYou can start the conversation
Estoy de acuerdoI agree
No estoy de acuerdoI disagree
No comparto tu opiniónI don’t share your opinion
Se trató de un pequeño malentendidoIt was a small misunderstanding
Me gustaría hacer una sugerenciaI would like to make a suggestion
Envíeme su propuestaSend me your proposal
¿Cuándo firmamos el contrato?
When do we sign the contract/agreement?
Es un placer hacer negocios con su firmaIt is a pleasure to do business with you.
Revisemos el contrato/la propuestaLet’s go through the contract/proposal

Business Meeting in Spanish

¿Qué tal si programamos una reunión?Shall we schedule a meeting?
La reunión está programada para hoyThe meeting is scheduled for today
Confirmo mi asistenciaI confirm attendance
¿Podría reservar la sala de reuniones?Could you reserve the meetings room?
La reunión empieza a las…The meeting starts at…
Damos inicio a la reunión de negociosIt’s time to start the business meeting
Es un placer conocerlo/conocerlaIt is a pleasure to meet you
Me podría dar una tarjeta de presentaciónCould I have your business card?
Presten atención a los siguientes puntosPay attention to the following points

Top Business Words to Learn in Spanish

Spanish Business Verbs

AprobarTo approve
AnalizarTo analyze
AumentarTo raise
AutorizarTo Authorize
CalcularTo calculate
CancelarTo cancel
ComprarTo buy
ContratarTo hire
ConfirmarTo confirm
DesarrollarTo develop
DespedirTo lay off, to fire
EntregarTo deliver
EscribirTo write
GerenciarTo manage
InvertirTo invest
LlamarTo call
MejorarTo improve
OrganizarTo organize
RevisarTo check
ReclutarTo recruit

Useful Vocabulary

Entrevista de TrabajoWork interview
Contrato LaboralLabor Contract
Contrato Fijo o IndefinidoFixed or Indefinite Contract
Tiempo Completo o Medio TiempoFull Time or Part Time
ClientesClients, Customer
Oferta y DemandaSupply & Demand
Bienes y ServiciosGoods & Services
Exportaciones e ImportacionesExports & Imports
Pérdidas y GananciasProfit & Loss
Director EjecutivoCEO
Director FinancieroCFO
Director de OperacionesCOO
Presidente y VicepresidentePresident & Vice President
Gerente GeneralGeneral Manager
Director GeneralManaging Director
Junta DirectivaBoard Of Directors
Departamento de AdministraciónAdministration Department
Departamento de FinanzasFinance Department
Departamento de MarketingMarketing Department
Departamento de VentasSales Department
Departamento LegalLegal Department
Recursos HumanosHuman Resources

Effective Ways to Learn Spanish for Business

Spanish, apart from being a fascinating language, has become increasingly necessary in either personal or professional settings.

Suppose your motivation to learn Spanish is more career/work-related. In that case, you must understand that a professional level is only acquired by practice, and it could take you some years to get there.

However, Spanish-speaking countries and work settings usually are very friendly. People love when non-Spanish speakers are learning the language. They will be kind to you, help you improve, and correct you if you allow them to.

Here, there are other valuable resources you can use to learn and improve your Spanish for business

1. Read, read a lot!

You can’t imagine the amount of vocabulary you will learn and the improvement in the grammar you will have.

Choose books related to your professional field, it will give you not only extra knowledge of your field but also the good technical vocabulary you won’t find in literature books.

2. Watch tutorials, documentaries or TedTalks

Oral comprehension is as important as reading comprehension. Watching technical videos, talks, and similar content in Spanish will also help you tune your ears to different accents.

You can add subtitles at first to help you understand but try to remove them eventually; otherwise, you will get used to it!

3. Listen to podcasts and other audio resources

If you already have an intermediate-advance level of Spanish, explore the audio talks. Choose any of your preferences, whether it is Podcasts, Clubhouse, or AudioBooks. This could be more challenging, but that’s the way to improve.

4. Get private Spanish for Business classes

Remember that we have specialized Spanish for business classes at Learn More Than Spanish. Let us know your goals, and we will design a plan specifically for you!

If you are in Bogota, you can join our in-person classes. If not, don’t worry, we also have online classes!

We hope this article has been helpful for you! Now, start practicing this vocabulary and phrases with your colleagues and associates!

Also, don’t forget to read our weekly Blog and follow our Social media to learn more about the Spanish language and Colombian culture.

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