Calling All Student Travelers: 3 Reasons to Study Spanish in Colombia

Calling All Student Travelers: 3 Reasons to Study Spanish in Colombia

For every Spanish learner, to master the accent and the language’s highly regional vocabulary, it is essential to immerse themselves to achieve fluency. But there are so many amazing countries to choose from, how do you pick where to study?

Colombia is a fantastic place to learn Spanish, and here are the top 3 reasons why:

1. The accent and culture

The Colombian Spanish accent is well recognized as being both neutral and very natural at the same time. For a foreign Spanish learner, accent and word use is essential in order to achieve good pronunciation, and the Colombian accent makes it easier to understand others and be understood as you are learning. Specifically, the Bogota accent is considered to be one of the best examples of spoken Spanish in the world, and the cultural variety provides an excellent backdrop for practicing the language in new and exciting environments.

2. Availability of learning institutions

Colombia has a culture of high-quality education. Colombia’s capital Bogota is called the “Athens of South America”, named for its huge number of educational institutions and high student population. In Colombia you will have access to high quality learning available through university programs, Spanish schools and institutes, and a massive population of highly educated teachers and tutors.

3. Learning Spanish in Colombia is extremely affordable

And as the Colombian Peso continues to fall vs. the Dollar and Euro, it is becoming even more so. Whether you prefer a formal classroom setting in a university or private tutoring, you can find prices ranging from $10-$30 per class hour.

So remember, when you ask: Where should I learn Spanish? The answer is Colombia.