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Sometimes our students ask us about the difference between the Spanish spoken in Spain and the one spoken in Colombia or Latin America

The first difference between Latin American Spanish and the Spanish of Spain is the pronunciation of a few letters.

In Latin America the soft “c” and the “z” are pronounced with an “s” sound while in Spain they are pronounced more like a “th” sound.

There are also some differences when using some expressions, but in general, we can understand each other; it’s like the differences between British English and American English.

To illustrate this we have 2 clips from the same movie, our beloved Shrek, can you tell the difference?

Shrek 4 Trailer for Latin America

Shrek 4 Trailer for Spain

Photo Attribution: By Novoaparra (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira is a Roman Catholic Church like no others. It is an underground sanctuary built within the tunnels of a salt mine. For its concept and architecture it is unique in the world.

This wonderful salt mine is in the town of Zipaquira, in Cundinamarca, only 48 kilometers from Bogotá.

It was declared the First Wonder of Colombia in 2007 and has received more than 13 million visitors from all around the world.

Once you enter you can smell the minerals and after a short period of walking in the dark you can see the multicolored lights reflecting over the crystals and the beautiful sculptures carved by miners and famous sculptors.

If you happen to be in Bogota, learning Spanish at Learn More Than Spanish, The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira, is definitely a must see.

Take a look at this 360° panoramic photography by Carlos Suesku on and this video tour

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Bullfights, music and dance street shows, parades, fireworks and the international Coffee Beauty Pageant what else can you wish for?

The Manizales Fair, which this year runs from January 6-13, attracts visitors from across Colombia and all over the world. It is particularly well-known for its beauty pageant, where women from Brazil, Venezuela and Panama among others, compete to be “Coffee Queen”, and for its bullfighting season which brings together the best bullfighters from Colombia, South America, and the Iberian Peninsula.

Here are some highlights of the fair.

Watch this video from “Colombia Challenge Your Knowledge” and see what international students have to say about studying in Colombia and their experiences with the Spanish language.