Spanish Language: How to use the verbs Ser and Estar

Mastering the Spanish Language: Verbs ‘Ser’ and ‘Estar’

One of the most difficult topics for Spanish language learners is the use of the verb “To be”, which in Spanish is divided into two verbs: “Ser” and “Estar”. What’s the difference?
Colombian Spanish slangs meaning

30 Colombian slangs and what they mean

Yes, Colombian Spanish is one of the most neutral and clearest Spanish to learn. But, we also have slangs and expressions. What do they mean? Find out here!
Is Spanish in Colombia the same as in Spain?

Top 5 differences between Spanish from Colombia and Spanish from Spain

Will I be able to communicate with others when traveling to Spain if I speak Colombian Spanish? Is Spanish in Colombia the same as in Spain?
Colombia: Greeting in Spanish

Greetings in Spanish: the standard and the colombian way

What do you say when you just meet someone in the morning, afternoon or night? Learn the standard and the Colombian way!
Learn Spanish with Palindromes

Learn Spanish with Palindromes

We recently posted on our Facebook page about Palindromes. We think is such an interesting topic that we would like to talk a little bit more about it. Memorizing palindromes in the language you are studying is a great way to increase your…
Colombian Spanish Saying: Barriga llena corazón contento

From Sophia Vergara to Elmo, 5 Sesame Street videos to learn Spanish

1. Juanes, Elmo and Rosita First, our one and fabulous Colombian singer Juanes showing us how to say "manos, cabeza y pies". Muévete with Juanes, Elmo and Rosita 2. Spanish G Word Song with Rosita. Rosita, Sesame Street a Spanish-speaking…
Colombian Spanish Saying: Barriga llena corazón contento

Colombian Saying: Barriga llena, corazón contento

Colombian Spanish saying: "Barriga llena, Corazón contento" Translation, meaning and audio.