From Sophia Vergara to Elmo, 5 Sesame Street videos to learn Spanish

1. Juanes, Elmo and Rosita

First, our one and fabulous Colombian singer Juanes showing us how to say “manos, cabeza y pies”. Muévete with Juanes, Elmo and Rosita

2. Spanish G Word Song with Rosita.

Rosita, Sesame Street a Spanish-speaking character, sings about the letter “G”.

In this video, we can hear words like “Grillo”, “Gracias” and “Gallo. With a catchy rhythm, this song helps us to learn this sound.


3. Grover’s ode to the “Zanahoria”

We chose this song because it teaches us an important aspect of the Spanish language: The letter “H” is a silent letter with no pronunciation. So practice with Grover’s ode to the “Zanahoria”

4. Sophia Vergara and Elmo

In this video Colombian actress Sophia Vergara and Elmo show us what “Baile” means.

Hope you enjoy our selection. Give us a comment if you liked it.