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Graffiti in Bogota. Exploring Colombian Spanish: A unique accent that's easy to learn!

Exploring Colombian Spanish: A unique accent that’s easy to learn!

Colombian Spanish, at its core, is the Spanish language you've been learning or hearing about. However, what makes Colombian Spanish unique?
Group photo during a cultural activity in the school

What is the best city to learn Colombian Spanish?

To truly immerse yourself in Colombian Spanish and culture, choosing the right city is important. Which city is the best for learning Colombian Spanish? Let's take a closer look.
Student riding a bus in Bogota. The secret to learning Spanish faster? Ride Bogota's buses and TransMilenio!

Discovering Bogota’s transport system: A fun and effective Spanish language learning tool

From practicing common phrases with locals to immersing yourself in the culture, let's explore the many benefits of using Bogota's transportation system as a language-learning tool.
Spanish School Bildungsurlaub Accredited

How can Bildungsurlaub help you learn Spanish in Colombia?

Are you looking for ways to improve your skills and advance your career as a German employee? Learn about Bildungsurlaub, a paid leave program that allows you to take time off for study, self-improvement, and learn Spanish.
Easy guide to reflexive verbs and pronouns in Spanish

Easy guide to reflexive verbs and pronouns in Spanish

As you learn Spanish, you may come across "reflexive verbs." Learn what these verbs look like, how to use them, and which ones are most common in Spanish.
Levels of Spanish Explained with the verb “Gustar”

Levels of Spanish explained with the verb “Gustar”

We have prepared this quick guide to help you better understand your main achievements on each level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
Two Spanish students in classroom. Private Spanish classes in Bogota.

5 different ways to use “como” in Spanish

"Cómo" is one of the most commonly used words in Spanish - and when you're just learning the language, it can be confusing because there are so many meanings! If you're not sure how to use this word, keep reading.
Colombian Spanish student in classroom

Mastering your Spanish: Don’t overuse personal pronouns

Do you want to sound more natural when speaking Spanish? This is what you need to know when using personal pronouns.
The 20 most common Spanish filler words or "muletillas"

The 20 most common Spanish filler words or “muletillas”

Want to sound like a native Spanish speaker? Learn to use these filler words or "muletillas" in a conversation.
People walking in one of the streets in Bogota

Bogota: How is the lifestyle?

There is plenty to do and learn in Bogota, a city that is a world-class destination. What is it like to live or study Spanish in Bogota?