Is Colombian Spanish easy to learn?

Woman in a coffee shop studying. Is Colombian Spanish easy to learn?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions when people plan to learn Spanish in Colombia.

Our straightforward answer is YES. In fact, Colombians proudly say that “Colombia has the best Spanish in the world.”

Quite a statement, isn’t it?

We didn’t want to keep our subjective Colombian perspective around this topic, so we wrote an article about it in 2020.

We know Colombians might be a bit too braggy saying that Colombian Spanish is “the best Spanish in the world”; however, after some reading and thanks to more than 13 years of experience teaching Spanish to students from more than 50 nationalities, we can confidently say that Colombian Spanish might not be “the best” but it is one of the easiest Spanish to learn.

Find below a Latin American map we found on the difficulty of understanding Spanish accents (sorry, Spain, you are out of the map!)

Map of Spanish accents, from easy to very difficult


What makes a language easy to learn?

Most native Spanish speakers would proudly argue that the Spanish spoken in their home country is “the best” and “the easiest” Spanish to learn. This is because they are familiar with their accent, talking pace, and expressions.

In each country, people are used to their accents, so for them, it is “neutral.” They are used to their slang, expressions, and colloquialisms, so it is “clear.” And they are used to their talking speed, so for them, it is “easy.”

But, objectively speaking, not all Spanish dialects are neutral, easy, and clear.

So, what makes a language easy to learn?

There are several factors, but we could sum them up into three aspects:

  1. The neutrality of its accent
  2. Use of slang and expressions
  3. Taking speed and pronunciation

And here is where Colombian Spanish ticks all the boxes!

What makes Colombian Spanish easy to learn?

Before going deeper into this topic, it is important to mention that:

Since the dialects spoken in the various regions of Colombia are quite diverse, the term Colombian Spanish is of more geographical than linguistic relevance.

Thus, when people talk about “Colombian Spanish,” they usually refer to the standard dialect spoken in Bogota. This dialect is known for being one of the clearest Spanish to understand and one of the easiest Spanish to learn.

Now, let’s look at the three aspects mentioned above to see why Colombian Spanish is one of the easiest to learn.

1. Colombian accent

Although there is an accent in Bogota, it is much softer than accents from the rest of the county and other Spanish-speaking countries. That is why people typically refer to it as the most “neutral.”

For example, Benny Lewis, Founder of Fluent in 3 Months, says”

“I would still say that the “standard” Colombian dialect seen on TV and spoken by those in the capital, Bogota is the easiest to understand, and I can confidently say that it’s the clearest Spanish I’ve ever heard. But leave the capital and formal conversations, and things start to get messy quickly!”

2. Use of slang and expressions

We can’t deny it; we could even make a dictionary of just Colombian slang and expressions. In fact, we have already written a few articles about them (see below)!

However, compared to the rest of the country and other Spanish-speaking counties, in Bogota, people tend to use traditional Spanish words whenever possible. That is why people say it’s one of the “cleanest.”

When learning Spanish, working, or studying, slang and expressions are not used as often as in other regions. In Bogota, people do use slang and idioms. Still, they usually do it while talking in more informal and friendly spaces.

If you are interested in Colombian slang and expressions, learn some from our blog. We guarantee you will have fun and entertain your friends!

3. Talking speed and pronunciation

Last but not least, in Bogota, people tend to speak slowly and pronounce almost all vowels and consonants in every word.

Making Spanish easy to understand for new Spanish language learners.

These characteristics make Colombian Spanish one of the clearest and easiest to understand and learn.

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