What is the cost of learning Spanish in Bogota? Updated 2024

What is the cost of learning Spanish in Bogota?

This article was updated in February 2024.

Thinking about learning Spanish in Colombia? You might be wondering where the best place to learn is and how much it will cost. Sounds interesting, right?

Colombia is getting more and more popular for people who want to travel and learn Spanish. But why is that?

It’s because Colombia has everything! People love it for its fun vacations, making new friends that last forever, and learning Spanish in a way that feels easy and fun.

Cities like Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, and Cartagena are top spots for beginners in Spanish. Each city offers something special!

Here’s why we think Bogotá is the best place to start learning Spanish:

The way people talk and their accent

Even though people in Bogotá have their own way of speaking, it’s really clear and easy to understand. Unlike in other parts of Colombia, people in Bogotá tend to speak a bit slower and make sure to say every letter. This is super helpful when you’re trying to learn a new language.


Bogotá is the capital of Colombia, so it’s like a big mix of all the different cultures, foods, and music from around the country. It’s like the heart of Colombia where everything comes together.

It’s affordable

Right now, things in Colombia don’t cost a lot of money for people from other countries. This means you can enjoy city life, go to cool events, eat at fancy restaurants, and find nice places to stay without spending too much. You’ll probably even have money left over to travel around Colombia!

When it comes to learning Spanish in Bogotá, there are lots of choices:

  • Spanish classes at universities,
  • Courses at language schools,
  • Private teachers.

There’s no single best option. It all depends on how much time you want to spend learning and how long you’re staying in Bogotá.

Your budget and what you like also matter.

To find out more about each choice, read our article “How can I study Spanish in Bogotá?” It’ll help you see what each option offers and decide which one is right for you.

How much does it cost to learn Spanish in Bogota in 2024?

Let’s start with the conversion rate from Colombian Pesos (COP) to US dollars:

1 USD = COP 3,914.84 as of February 20, 2024.

By Latin American standards, Bogotá is a moderately expensive city. However, unlike any North American or European city, Bogota is very affordable.

The average monthly cost for a single person is about USD 500 – $1000. This excludes the Spanish class fees (find our price list at the end of this article).

Find below a rough estimate (USD) of living expenses for somebody in a neighborhood like Chapinero, Bogota, near our Spanish school.

1. Accommodation

The most substantial portion of your monthly budget will go towards rent.

Apartments in Bogotá have an extensive range of prices. You can find a one-bedroom apartment for about USD 300 per month, to a luxury two-bedroom apartment for about USD 1000 per month.

Most apartments do not include utilities and internet, so you will have to add them to your monthly budget. That would be about $125 per month.

If you plan to stay longer than 3 months, renting your own apartment or sharing one with friends would be the best option.

And, if you are planning to stay only for a week or two, you could stay in a hostel, hotel, or Airbnb. Rates vary from $10USD per night in a dorm to $60USD per night in a comfortable private room.

Let’s summarize:

  • One-bedroom apartment $300 – $500 per month
  • Utilities $100 per month
  • Private bedroom in a shared apartment $200 per month
  • Utilities in a shared apartment are $40 per month
  • A dorm bed in a hostel is $10 per night
  • Private room in a hotel $40 per night
  • Airbnb one-bedroom apartment $60 per night

2. Transportation

Keep in mind that Bogota is a big city, a huge city! About nine million people are living in Bogota, so you can imagine how traffic and distances might be.

To give an idea…in Bogota, a 15-30 min drive is considered “near”; a 30-60 min drive is considered “moderate”; and a 60+ min drive is considered “far.”

Thus, we highly recommend you find accommodation close to the Spanish school of your choice. It will not only help you save some money, but it will save you a lot of time in traffic!

The average costs to move around Bogota are

  • A local city bus or Transmilenio – $0.75c USD
  • 15 min – 30 min Taxi or Uber trip – $6 USD
  • > 1 hour Taxi or Uber trip – $10- $12 USD

If you plan to travel outside Bogota the average costs are:

  • Bus trip to cities like Medellin, Cali or Bucaramanga (8-10 hours) – $25 USD
  • Bus trip to closer cities (3-5 hours) – $8 USD
  • Round-trip flights to the Caribbean coast – $100 USD

3. Food & Drinks

Eating in Bogota is such an experience!

Bogota is known as a gastronomical city. You can find all kinds of local and international food, for all kinds of budgets.

You can also find small local shops, markets, and big supermarkets. In Bogota, you can find anything you want.

As in any other city, going out for dinner and drinks will take a big portion of your weekly/monthly budget. The best would be to combine cooking at home and going out for dinner once or twice a week.

Here are the average costs for food and drinks:

  • $100 – USD 250 per month for groceries.
  • A “menú del día” (lunch menu), which is normally a traditional Colombian dish that comes with soup, juice and sometimes even dessert – $4
  • Street food – $1- $2
  • Main course meal at a mid-level restaurant – $10
  • Main course meal at a high-end restaurant – $25
  • Craft beer in a Pub – $3
  • Cocktail on a trendy rooftop– $10-$15

What are the average prices of Spanish programs in Bogota?

If you want to learn Spanish, you can join our Learn More Than Spanish classes. The price range for group and private lessons is as follows:

Type of ClassPrice Range per hourPrice Range per Week
Group LessonsUSD 12 USD  240
Private LessonsUSD 14-16USD 160-210

We hope this article has been helpful to you. If you want to take your Spanish to the next level, drop us a line, and we will send you all the information!

Hope to see you soon in Bogota!

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