Colombian Currency

On having travelled to a foreign country one of the things that you must have more present is how handles the money there. Their kinds, equivalence and even their different names. The Colombian currency is named Colombian pesos and divides in coins and bills. Coins: 50 pesos, 100 pesos, 200 pesos,

Bogota: A sport city

The capital of Colombia stimulates the sport a lot with different events. One of them is the “media marathon de Bogotá” (half marathon of Bogota). That realized last Sunday, July 29th. Where the athletes of the whole country and even foreign they can take part of this event in hours of the

Colpatria Tower

In Bogota there are many beautiful places to visit and that call the attention of local people and foreigners. One of them is the viewing-point of the Colpatria tower. In this place you can see the greater part of the city, from the mountains of the south, up to the small

I already know the basic tenses in Spanish, Am I ready to speak properly?

If you are begining to learn Spanish, we want to congratulate you for speaking this beautiful language: "español" or "castellano". Originally, it was called "castellano" because it was the language for Castilla in Spain, but later it eas changed to "español" to identify the country of origin. A very common situation

Learning Spanish: A rewarding experience

Are you currently learning Spanish? Congratulations! It is one of the most beautiful languages in the world, and the second most spoken language after Mandarin. Is it challenging learning Spanish? Indeed it is, but which language is not! However it is a rewarding experience because you are not only learning grammar